Prize Winners


  • Best Adult - Tom Stone one of the Disney Villans

  • Best Float - Music Hall Academy

  • Best Overall - Windmill with Dutchmen & Tulips

  • Best Group - Main St Lamp Post Scarecrows

  • Best Child - Sushi Twins


  • Best in Show - Greatest Show on Earth Family

  • Best Float - Tappan Landing Assn

  • Best Group - RBG

  • Best Adult - Decapitated Butler serving his own head

  • Best Child - Boy caged by Gorilla

  • Best Pet - Pumpkin Puppy


  • Best in Show – Day of the Dead Family

  • Best Float – Transfiguration Sponge Bob

  • Best Group – Walter’s Hot Dogs

  • Best Adult – Swan Princess

  • Best Child – Baby Pirate in Pirate Stroller


Best In Show Golden Jack-O-Lantern - Addams Family

Best Float  - Phelps

Best Group - UPS Family

​Best Adult Costume - Upside-down Lady

Best Child Costume - Robot

2015 Golden Jack-o-Lantern winner:

Legends Zombies

2014 Golden Jack-o-Lantern winner:

The Zombie Dancers, Penny Lane Dancers/Legend Realty

2013 Golden Jack-o-Lantern winner: Tarrytown Volunteer Ambulance Corps

2012 Golden Jack-o-Lantern winner:

Alaric & Elena Young

BEST Marching BAND

2015 Best Marching Band Winner:

The Marching Cobras

2014 Best Marching Band Winner:

The Marching Cobras

2013 Best Marching Band Winner:

St Christophe​r's Marching Band

2015 Best Float Winner:

Transfiguration School Girl Scouts

2014 Best Float Winner:

Dutch Themed Float – Street Scrubbers, The Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns The Old

      Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow Windmill

2015 Best Group Winner:

King Tut

2014 Best Group Winner:

The Town Wide Killer Hornets

2015 Best Costume Winner:

Bad Dentist

2014 Best Costume Winner:

The Doll Heads

2015 Best Costume Under Age 12:

Slice of Pizza


2014 Most Creative Winner:

Day of the Dead Christ Church San Marcos

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