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Important registration instructions:
For the safety of all involved. If you are going to have a vehicle in the parade. Vehicle owners and operators must provide a copy of the vehicle registration, drivers licenses, vehicle insurance card and vehicle license plate number. You will not be allowed to participate without providing this information. Please send a copy of this information to The Tarrytown Recreation Department:
Please read all parade rules below.

In order to participate in the parade, you must register. 

Registrations are due by October 21, 2023

Register Neighborhood Float
(Fill out if decorating a truck or a trailer being pulled by a truck)

To register, please fill out the information below.


Registrations are due by October 21, 2023

Must register to participate and be eligible to win prizes.


Assembly time 3:30PM to 5:00PM at Patriot’s Park. Parade will commence marching at 5:30 PM


Parade Route:

The Parade will proceed south on route 9 (Broadway) and turn onto Main Street toward the YMCA.


Following the parade Main Street will be closed for our traditional Block Party.


Parade Rules:

  • All vehicle owners and operators must provide a copy of:

    • Vehicle Registration.

    • Drivers Licenses.

    • Vehicle Insurance Card.

    • Vehicle License Plate Number.

    • Send to The Tarrytown Recreation Department:

  • All marchers must be registered and in costume.

  • Must register to be eligible to win prizes.

  • Spectators must stay behind the barriers.

  • For the safety of everyone, if your group has candy and beads, they must be handed out and not thrown into the crowd.


Please note Performers, Dance Groups and Marching Bands: You will be allowed to stop two times along the parade route to entertain for a maximum time of 2 minutes each. First on Broadway in front of The Reformed Church Of The Tarrytown's, second and final on Main Street in front of the Grand Stand. This is to insure the parade keeps its flow and all have the opportunity to perform.


For more information, please contact the Tarrytown Recreation Dept @ 631-8347

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